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Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Liu Quan at the Farewell Reception for the Surinamese Recipients for Chinese Government Scholarship

(28 August, 2018, Paramaribo Chimin Restaurant)

Ms. Natasia Bennanon, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture,

Distinguished guests, Dear students, Ladies and gentlemen,

Good Evening.

Today, I am very delighted to host this reception for the Surinamese students who are going to study in China. I'd like to express the warmest congratulations to all students, and my sincere thanks to the officials of Ministry of Education, for your continuous engagement in the China-Suriname educational cooperation.

Dear students,

China is a country worth of your exploring and learning. China is one of the birthplaces of human civilization. China has a vast territory and a 5000-year long history, with profound civilization and deep-rooted culture. Nowadays, China is developing rapidly and vigorously. Adopting reform and opening-up policy 40 years ago, China has become the world's second largest economy. China now is one of the strongest driving power for the world economy. China has made great achievement in Scientific and technological advancement, which has contributed 57.5% to China's economic growth last year. You will have opportunities to experience the most advanced high-speed railway system, the most convenient online shopping and environment-friendly shared bikes in China. However, China is still the largest developing country and we are confronted with heavy task to eradicate poverty. We are still on the way of development.

What is the secret behind China's success? How different is China from the stories you read about? What is the opportunity in China for Suriname? Those questions wait for your answers.

Dear friends,

Based on the principles of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefits and win-win cooperation, China-Suriname relationship is at a historical height at this moment, characterized with frequent high-level visits, fruitful economic cooperation and dynamic people-to-people exchanges.

Our cooperation in capacity building is amazing. Each year, we provide 10 to 13 government scholarship to Surinamese students. And this program is welcomed by local students. The competition is tense and many candidates have approached our embassy for information for next year's application. We will optimize the majors and increase the opportunities for engineering students. Besides, last year, China provided 347 training opportunities to Suriname in various fields including development, media, health, engineering, culture, diplomacy and so on so forth. I am confident that this year we will do even better, with at least 400 trainees to China, including five exclusive bilateral training programs customized for Suriname in the fields of diplomat, mushroom cultivation, governance, industrial park and police training. I believe the cooperation in capacity building will facilitate the development of Suriname.

Dear students,

Reading ten thousand books is not as good as traveling ten thousand miles. I believe that you are going to see a China much more vivid and truthful than what you have learned from books and media. And you will have a better understanding about China-Suriname friendly relations. I earnestly expect that in the future you will contribute to the development of your motherland and devote yourself to China-Suriname cooperation and friendship with the knowledge you get in China.

Wish you every success in your study and a happy life in China. Thank you.

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