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Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Zhang Jinxiong at the Award Ceremony of the Grand Ribbon in the Honorary Order of the Palm

(June 28, 2018, Presidential Palace, Paramaribo)



President Bouterse,

Your Excellencies,

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my great pleasure and honor to meet President Bouterse and receive the award before the end of my mission in the Republic of Suriname.

The award I accepted is not only an honor for my service in Suriname, but also for the contribution of all my colleagues of the Chinese Embassy in Suriname. It also fully displays the significance attached by President Bouterse and the Surinamese government to our bilateral ties and represents the friendly affection of the Surinamese people to their counterparts in China.

In the short span of my work in Suriname, I have witnessed that, under the leadership of President Bouterse, the Surinamese Government and people successfully achieved political and social stability, safeguarded national unity and ethnic solidarity, conquered economic difficulties, promoted sustainable development and extended diplomatic cooperation in both regional and international arena. I am confident that Suriname will become more successful in promoting national prosperity and people's well-being.

The relationship is now at a historic height of comprehensive and rapid development. Thanks to the concerted efforts of both sides, China-Suriname bilateral relations have stood the test of changing international and regional landscapes and have moved forward steadily. The two sides have treated each other with mutual understanding, respect, trust and support, and have conducted fruitful cooperation, especially in the field of infrastructure, finance, agriculture, capacity building, tourism and culture. Projects of Dalian IV, Wanica hospital, national broadband and e-governance are pressing ahead smoothly. Projects of 350 houses and international airport expansion will be launched very soon. Feasibility study of an agriculture technological cooperation center has been concluded. Road safety and surveillance project is under intensive study. Private investors such as Zhonghengtai Company, Broad Homes and CDIG are actively working on either oil palm or housing projects.

The two governments signed MOU on the Belt and Road Initiative, which will help to better integrate our development strategies. We will work closely to translate our mutual complementary strengths into advantages for practical cooperation and sustainable growth within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative. Our two countries also have very good cooperation and coordination in regional and international affairs and contribute a lot to the international peace and stability.

Mr. President, Your Excellencies,

How time flies. I spend a meaningful and beautiful two-years in Suriname and I couldn't make it without the support and assistance of the Surinamese Government and people, and certainly many of you present here today. The good memories about Suriname and our friendship will stay with me for my life time.

Looking ahead, I have full confidence that by working closely together, the China-Suriname relations will embrace a brighter and more prosperous future. Thank you.

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