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Wang Yi Meets with Minister of Foreign Affairs Yildiz Pollack-Beighle of Surinam

On December 7, 2017, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met in Beijing with Minister of Foreign Affairs Yildiz Pollack-Beighle of Surinam, who was in China for the first South-South Human Rights Forum.

Wang Yi expressed that Surinam is China’s good friend and important cooperative partner. China has felt Surinam’s active willingness to develop Surinam-China friendly relations and is fully confident of the development prospects of China-Surinam relations. Both sides share similar positions on many international and regional issues. China thanks Surinam for providing staunch support on issues concerning China's core interests and expects Surinam to play a more active role in China-Latin America cooperation. China welcomes Surinam to actively participate in the “Belt and Road” construction and is willing to continue providing assistance for Surinam to its economic and social development within China’s due capacity, so as to push China-Surinam friendly and cooperative relations for substantial development. As both China and Surinam are committed to promoting and protecting human rights, China stands ready to strengthen coordination and cooperation with developing countries including Surinam so as to advance South-South human rights cooperation and jointly safeguard the interests of developing countries.

Yildiz Pollack-Beighle expressed that the government and ruling party of Surinam attach importance to relations with China and have long been adhering to the one-China policy. China, whose international status has been increasingly enhanced, is a reliable and dependable force for the vast developing countries. Surinam highly applauds the series of important proposals President Xi Jinping put forward at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and appreciates China’s assistance in various fields including economy, education, medical care and infrastructure. Surinam looks forward to taking part in the “Belt and Road” construction and supports the joint building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

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