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Address by H.E. Ambassador Zhang Jinxiong at the Charity Meets Fashion Event

Dear Minister Beighle, Minister Dogojo,

Dear colleagues from the diplomatic corps,

Members from the DCGS,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for coming to today's event. It's the first time for us to work together with the Suriname Fashion Week and the Diplomatic and Consular Group of Suriname to ensure fashion and charity go hand in hand. You see, here, fashion is not only about beauty. It can also create beautiful things for a good course.

I would like take this opportunity to congratulate Ms. Warda Marica, the organizer of Suriname Fashion Week, for working on the project for consecutively five years to make the annual event nourish in Suriname and the rest of the Caribbean region. Thanks to her and her colleagues, more and more talented designers of Suriname have been encouraged to strive restlessly for what they have believed in - making a difference.

Congratulations should also go to the DCGS, a group my wife and our counsellor have committed themselves to. They have spared no efforts in raising funds to help the disadvantaged people in Suriname - to ensure senior citizens are taken better care of and poor kids have better chance of education.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Culture is an integral strength for a nation to survive and thrive. Being as a civilization of over five thousand years, China has been endowed with rich traditions and heritages. These cultural roots have enabled its people to overcome challenges of various kind in pursuit of happiness and progress. Suriname is also a proud land of enriched culture. One could never leave Suriname without noticing its dynamic cultural diversity and amazing harmonious coexistence among different ethnic groups.

Three years ago, during his trip to Latina America, President Xi Jinping highlighted the importance of cultural prosperity for China and Latin American and Caribbean countries in their respective efforts for better development. He suggested that we should learn from each other's cultural achievements, make cultural exchanges between China and Latin America and Caribbean a model for the harmonious coexistence and mutual promotion among different civilizations, and contribute to the world's cultural diversity.

This is precisely what we have been doing here in Suriname, hosting cultural activities and promoting people-to-people exchanges, including tonight's event. Tonight , Chinese designers, Mr. Ho Kinwah and Ms. Tiffany Fung, and Chinese artist, Ms. Li Haixia will present to you Chinese design and art. As a matter of fact, fashion, as a modern manifestation of culture, an easy tool of communication and an inspiration of creativity has a growing impact on our lives. With designers from Suriname, other Caribbean countries and China presenting their best collections, sharing their stories behind their different cultural background, celebrating their diversity and dreams, I do believe that we will be able to progress a further step forward.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Please allow me to conclude with a quote from John Fairbanks - acceptance and celebration of diversity will be the preservation of civilization.

Thank you and wish you a wonderful evening!

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