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Ambassador Su Ge Attends Ship Launching Ceremony

The launching ceremony of the cargo ship "ZHONGMU 1", invested by China Timber Resources Group, was held on February 26. Surinamese Minister of Forestry, Minister of Transportation, Guyanese Minister of Agriculture, Ambassador Su Ge, Counsellor Cai Shuizeng attended the ceremony.

The ship was built jointly by China Timber Resources Group and Suriname Shipbuilding and Construction N.V. The cargo capacity of the ship is 1700 tons. The technicians, materials and equipment were all from China. The building process lasted less than 1 year. The ship will mainly be used for transporting wood out of Guyana. The project has received support from the maritime authorities of Suriname and Guyana.

A local commentator noted that the successful cooperation between China, Suriname and Guyana is like a "silver lining" over the Caribbean economic skyline.

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