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Ambassador Su Ge's Speech at the New Year Reception for Surinamese Media

Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Su Ge

at the New Year Reception for Surinamese Media

(December 30, 2008)

Friends from the Surinamese media,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good afternoon. Welcome to today’s reception.

In 2008, the friendly cooperative relationship between China and Suriname has witnessed further development. The 500-Kilometer Road Asphalt Project both inside and outside Paramaribo, funded by the Chinese Government with 200 million US dollar and carried out by Dalian International Group, are both well under way. The project of 200 low-cost houses in Tout Lui Faut offered by the Chinese Government started in November and will be completed next year. The container scanning system in the New Harbor is now at the stage of implementation. Furthermore, seven Surinamese students were granted with the Chinese Government Scholarship this year and enrolled by different universities in China. Another thirty-seven people have received short-term training in their specialized fields in China.

2008 is also an extraordinary year for China. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the introduction of the reform and opening-up policy in China. In the past 30 years, China’s economy has been growing at an annual average rate of about 10%. Great achievements have also been made in the advancement of politics, culture and society. The 29th Olympic Games was successfully held in Beijing. The “Shenzhou VII” Spaceship was successfully launched. At the same time, China has overcome the great difficulties brought by the natural disasters and maintained further economic development. Another point deserving special mention, direct transport, trade and mail services have been realized between Chinese mainland and Taiwan. Two giant pandas from the mainland as a gift to Taiwan have settled down in Taipei Zoo. The cross-straight relationship is now developing in a positive and healthy direction.

China and Suriname are true friends and good partners. The friendship between our two peoples is genuine and sincere. The Chinese Government and people acknowledge the Surinamese Government and people for their cooperation in international and regional affairs, for their support for the Beijing Olympics and for their sympathy to the victims of the earthquake. We appreciate the Surinamese Government for its persistent pursuing of the “one-China” policy.

The world-wide financial crisis is a challenge to all the nations. But the crisis can be seen in a dialectic way. The word “crisis” in Chinese is made up of “danger” and “opportunity”. The Chinese Government and people have the confidence, together with all the peoples in the world including the Surinamese people, to face the challenge and take every chance to overcome this crisis.

2009 is around the corner. At the threshold of the New Year, on behalf of all the staff of the Chinese Embassy, I would like to extend sincere holiday greetings, wishing long lasting friendship between China and Suriname, prosperity and happiness to the Surinamese people, good health and best of luck to everyone present!

Thank you all.

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